Meet Grumpy Bob.

Grumpy has owned a cabin since 1998 in Beaver Flat, SK.  The beautiful lake and lots of wide open grassland drew him in but the water sports, swimming, sport fishing, golfing and friendly neighbours have kept him here.


Grumpy Bob purchased the Beaver Flat confectionery store in 2017 when he decided to retire from the hectic life of living & working in Calgary. Grumpy Bob wanted to create a place where the community could come together, chat & enjoy each other’s company.


Grumpy Bob has hosted numerous events over the last couple of years. Notably lunches in conjunction with sports events, Bingo evenings, Talent Show Night, Youth Golf Tournaments, and Summer Games. New events this year include Football nights and Ladies Craft Night. 


He hopes that the residents of Beaver Flat have enjoyed having the store open & are pleased with the changes and the community involvement. 




Ice Cream Treats

We offer 8 flavors of lip-smacking creamy hard ice cream served in a dish, a regular cake cone or waffle cone.


Soft serve ice cream is a favourite on its own in a cup or a cone, but whipped with candy pieces into a thick and creamy Twister it becomes a delight.  Grumpy's newest creations are milkshakes and sundaes.


There is a selection of your favourite Nestle ice cream novelties; Drumsticks, Fudge bars, Popsicle's, ice cream sandwiches, Freezes and many more.


The youth in the village love the Slush Puppies flavors and enjoy combining it with soft ice cream to create a brain freezing Iceberg.




Grumpy Bob's sells staple food items such as water, milk, cheese, eggs and bread, snack foods, soft drinks, penny candy, ice,  canned goods, over the counter drugs, toiletries, laundry products, paper towel, and even a book swap. 


We also carry various fishing supplies such as live bait and frozen minnows, hooks, lures, jigs, line and pickerel rigs.

Hot Foods

The fryer is always on but check out our Saturday specials. Offerings include such items as Beef Burger, Chili with a bun,  Sloppy Joe's, or Tacos in a Bag!  

Long weekends you'll find a tasty breakfast sandwich with coffee or juice.